Thursday, October 20, 2011

Theme Thursday (35)

Theme Thursdays

Theme Thursdays is a fun weekly event hosted by Reading Between Pages that will be open from one Thursday to the next. Anyone can participate in it. The rules are simple:
  • A theme will be posted each week (on Thursdays)
  • Select a conversation/snippet/sentence from the current book you are reading
  • Mention the author and the title of the book along with your post
  • It is important that the theme is conveyed in the sentence (you don’t necessarily need to have the word)
    Ex: If the theme is KISS; your sentence can have “They kissed so gently” or “Their lips touched each other” or “The smooch was so passionate”

This will give us a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand different writing styles and descriptive approaches adopted by authors.

This week's theme is - RHYMES (Pick 2 snippets that have rhyming words i.e if one sentence has RAIN the other should have CHAIN or VAIN or SPAIN etc.)

"I hate not being good at this," Val said as she flopped onto a stool.

"You are good. You hate not being great."

Valiant by Holly Black


  1. This is a great way to get to know more books and authors! glad I get to read your blog and get to know of such awesome memes. Keep this coming!

  2. "As I walk through the snow,
    where the flowers soon to grow
    fairy magic in the night,
    pixies glow gives you sight,

  3. I simply must read something by Holly Black!

    Great rhymes....


  4. Great rhymes and I love that cover.

    Happy reading!

  5. Ha--love rhyme time! Just read some Edgar Allen Poe with my students today. He's a wonder with subtle rhyme and alliteration.

  6. Love it. "Hate not being great"

    Here's mine:

  7. I read yours loud so many times just for the fun of it. I liked how they sound :) Great find! And as always you never go wrong with your covers :))


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