Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Man For All Seasons by Diana Palmer

A Man For All Seasons:
The Texas Ranger
When Texas Ranger Marc Brannon returns to the line of duty, a high-profile murder mystery pits him against a vibrant junior investigator from his past. He and Josette Langley had parted on explosive terms, but this time a lot more is at stake than just their hearts. Can they set aside past hurts and see justice served? Or will they both be caught in the cross fire?

Garden Cop
On a case to find a missing informant, FBI Agent Curtis Russell notices that his mother's neighbor is growing something suspicious in her front garden. Mary Ryan, a deputy D.A., can't believe her eyes when she comes across him attacking her tomato plants! The crazy mix-up leads to romance, but the missing man that Curtis is looking for is also wanted by the mob…and they'll kill anyone who gets in their way.

I read The Texas Ranger by Diana Palmer years ago, and I did enjoy their story. The romance was sweet and the suspense filled pages kept me intrigued. But right now I'm just going to talk about Garden Cop, which is the reason I bought this book. As I have said before, Diana is like a crack addiction to me. I can't stop buying her books...even when a new novella is released attached to a book I already own, I just have to have it! But I have to say, lately I've been disappointed with her writing. Her story lines are so simplistic that they don't keep you guessing at all. This one in particular had me snorting at the absolute stupidity of the characters. The male lead is supposed to be a serious FBI agent with previous experience in other agencies, but he came off as nothing less than a big goof to me. The romance was barely there, even though the characters had real chemistry when they were thrown together. This was a cute story that I managed to read within an hour, if you like to read stories with a little more required thought process, then this novella is not for you. But if you'd like a quick sweet story then you might give this one a try.

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  1. Too bad it was disappointing. I do love the book cover though!


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