Saturday, September 17, 2011

Purpose by Kristie Cook

Lost in despair, Alexis teeters on the edge of an abyss, her lifeline of hope fraying into a thin thread. If it snaps, she'll plunge into complete darkness. With the help of her son and her writing, she's been able to hold on. Until now. Erratic impulses, disturbing delusions and her own demonic blood threaten her sanity. When she's forced to choose between hanging onto hope or letting go to serve her Amadis purposes, she faces a decision with inconceivable sacrifices.

Alexis runs to the one place she thinks will provide answers, only to find herself at the center of another battle of good versus evil, not only with the Daemoni, not only within herself, but also against the worst opponent imaginable. But even if she wins, what will she lose?

Although I really enjoyed the first book if the Soul Savers series: Promise, by Kristie Cook, I just couldn't feel the same about this second book. For almost half of the book Alexis tells her story in a self-pitying, pining, almost whiny voice and I became bored with the story rather quickly. I can completely comprehend the loss she has suffered, but her attitude made her a weak character in my eyes. I didn't feel anything for the son she created with the man she loved, and the secondary characters felt slightly hollow. I did enjoy the romance once the characters were reunited, but there was no true transition or explanation with Tristan's return. Then it turned into a lot of hot lovemaking scenes that seemed to fill the rest of the book. The over-all story arc seems rather interesting and has pulled me in, especially now that I've gotten a little more information about the Amadis, so I am very much looking forward to continuing Alexis' story.

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