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Sundays with Sarah (40)

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Hi everyone, welcome to another Sundays with Sarah.

Well as many of you read a few weeks ago I started my 3 part series on my great Canadian road trip. I was hoping to make part 2 of my post last week but somehow pink fluffy unicorns danced on my internet and caused it to die.

Well now I'm back with part 2!

-- The Barrie-Niagara Experience --

We arrived in Barrie on August1st and stayed till August 6th. The weather headed into Barrie was very humid and hot, although it was nice. We got in around 11pm at night and pretty much just crashed. The next day Amy took us on a tour of Barrie. Rayne and I walked along the Barrie boardwalk along Lake Simcoe:

The weather was awesome and the people were friendly. We got to see this awesome paddle boat:

The boardwalk was incredible. We got a chance to stop and play on the beach where Rayne did some of her sand work and I waded into the lake, and strolled along the marina which was cool because you could see these awesome plants.

I was able to take an incredible shot of the BIG fountain and caught a nice rainbow from it

Oh and a good way to punish your kids - throw them into a lake as Amy's husband Steve tried to do! lol

It took us about 40 minutes to walk from where we parked to and we got to the BIG spirit catcher which dwarfed us in comparison. Rayne loved it and we got some cool shots.

We had lunch at this awesome restaurant called Jack Astors which I wish we had in Edmonton.

The food was good...and even Rayne loved her food!

And unlike in Alberta, Milk comes in a bag in Ontario!!

We got a chance to head over to the famous Canada's Wonderland which I do have to say wasn't that very good and for almost $120 for 2 people for 4 hours, was a tad expensive, although the water slides were awesome, Rayne didn't enjoy having that kind of fun. She did though get a nice drawing of herself done

But of course the BIGGEST part of our trip was the time we had in Niagara Falls. I do say it was one of the most awesome places I've ever visited AND it was # 7 on my bucket list to see (Amy was #6)

We ate at this very good restaurant called "Rainforest Cafe" where the food was good and the whole restaurant looked like it was in the inside of a rainforest.

Even AMY had a good time! lol

We saw a real shark:

Along our walk in Niagara Falls we got to go to the Hershey store and well I am glad I got out when I did, if not I would have bought EVERYTHING!

After our tour at the Hershey store and after buying some chocolate, and shirts and sweaters and more, we proceeded to the main attraction of what Niagara is...The Falls.

Niagara Falls was totally spectacular and breath taking and I was just in awe. Rayne and I were able to ride the Maid of the Mist boat and travel to the actual falls themselves. The spray from the water was powerful and Rayne decided she didn't need the plastic poncho and she got drenched.

And well you know pre-teens they can't get enough photo ops for pictures in. Rayne had a complete blast though.

We got to see some sights around Niagara like the upside down house:

The sights of Niagara were awesome!

I even got to stop by my favorite winery where my wine and ice-wine is made.

And of course even I couldn't resist relaxing in the grass while taking a selfie:

One of the other most beautiful places we got to see was Wasaga Beach and trust me people I recommend seeing this place as the beach is as high as your waist, and as warm in my opinion as a bathtub.

Even Rayne was having a great time!

Rayne stuck around us quite a bit and even with Amy, who loved the water and I was so happy she had suggested we go. We went at the perfect time to the beach.

The water was incredible and was able to get some cool wave shots:

And after while relaxing in the water and smashing on the waves, we sat down and made a sand castle in the sand and even relaxed in our chairs. The weather was about 27 Celsius.

Wasaga Beach had an enormous amount of wind surfers and seeing some of them fly was cool. Some got really good air and would soar about 50-60 feet in the air but come down nicely along the waves. Some waves the further out you got were HUGE and surf-able, I tried swimming out there but it was too rough for me so I stayed closer to the main beach even though we were still about 200 yards away from the beach.

Anyways our Barrie experience was awesome. Staying at Amy's place was soo cool but even more interesting was that we practically saw every house there that was built by brick. I have to say though it was still a good place to stay.

Thanks Amy for hosting us and the food was awesome.

Amy took these pictures of Rayne having some fun at the CN Tower in Toronto on our way back from Niagara:

Anyways stay tuned for my last part of my story about the trip back to Alberta!

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