Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Feature: Sundays with Sarah (1)

Hello, to all of my wonderful readers!
I will no longer be participating in the "In My Mailbox" meme.
So, my very good friend Sarah and I came up with something new! 
 Every Sunday Sarah will post a little something for your reading pleasure!

Sarah is known for her creative talents from literary arts in poetry and her books to the graphic arts and visual communications. Sarah first studied Theater and Film and later on Design for Digital Media Arts,then worked towards a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta. She continued her education further by taking an animation course through the State of Florida University and later studied animation and literary arts with the Walt Disney Company, where she worked as a media and design consultant for various projects from 2007 till 2009 and later became a story editor for film and television from 2009 till present. Sarah is a credited writer, novelist and scriptwriter. Her abilities create life and worlds out of pen and paper, that showcases her literary talents. Already with twelve published books ranging from Sociology to Fantasy Fiction to teens and even a poetry book, she continues to bring a new meaning to the term "creative imagination" each time.

Find Sarah:

Hidden world
My world is I, hidden from sight,
sitting in shadow and lost in twilight,
my hopes and dreams are all I know,
wonder and awe left me long ago,
I sit on my island where I reside,
my dream of life left with the tide,
a reflection so dark in a sea of night,
fading like a memory into twilight,
Now perilous I wander the seas of thought,
holding onto memories that now are not,
thinking where have I gone from here,
wondering is there no path that’s clear,
Dreams are my world where I wish to live,
nightmares are where I am held captive,
in the darkness where I am bound,
waiting for that which cannot be found,
My sky is clouded by that I cannot see,
praying for a light to shine and guide me,
holding onto a memory that fell apart,
to brighten my life and heal my heart,
But how do I have faith and hold on to hope,
when lost in darkness I'm trying to cope,
must I die inside to escape from the place,
just so I can wear more masks on my face?,
I fear the chains that keep me down,
and hold me under while I drown,
my hidden world where I choose to be,
to hide myself so others cannot see.
Here I wait for the real world and you,
and help my soul from turning blue,
so I hold a prayer for you in my hand,
because now it’s time I need to make a stand,
The sadness I bear has me under a spell,
forever burdened an walking through hell,
the only saving grace that maybe will be,
is forgiveness from my daughter to me,
But how to mend hearts destroyed by hate,
to free my hidden world from fate,
the time that’s lost has lefts its scar,
and distance between us is not too far,
Picking up the pieces of my shattered heart,
while I cry in silence while we are apart,
one day I will die for this I fear,
knowing that it will be from a tear,
My hidden world I must break,
the leap of faith my heart must make,
to forgive my sins whether truth or lie,
I came out of my world, to give it a try.

...I walk alone
I walk alone, in dying light,
shadows close in, my heart grows tight,
along a path that is growing dark,
the footsteps of my past has left its mark,
My soul now torments alone in vain,
my family destroyed, will never be the same,
the hearts of love, we tried to mold,
is now going dark, I'm frightened and cold,
Like a candle burning, that first shines bright,
now is a glow that's swallowed in night,
for those I need, time is too late,
I walk alone, to die with hate,
For those with hearts that shine all day,
I am shrouded in dark and lost my way,
I seek that love, that no one can give,
so alone in silence, I'm subjected to live,
Anger from my daughter has made me cry
even though her daddy fought to try,
the acts of hate her mommy has had so long,
her love for daddy is nearly gone,
I pray to god to shine some light,
and help me give some reason to fight,
I hope that god can show me the way,
and forgive my dad who hurt me that day,
I cannot love that 'man' no more,
for that option is gone, mom slammed the door,
but maybe one day in the future I go,
that maybe I can also forgive him so,
So please god hear this prayer from me,
open his eyes for him to see,
in his mistakes that he can be shown,
for in his life, he shouldn't walk alone.

Play In Leaves
The age of innocence gives way to a playful heart. Who can't resist jumping into a pile of golden leaves. Each leaf tells a story of the summer wind as it flutters in the air. The scent of fallen leaves fills the air with an aroma of time and signals the coming cold.
When was the last time you played in the leaves, and covered yourself in the golden blankets of the change that autumn brings. As we grow older, we forget about the simple things and the simple times of being a child. The smiles of joy that autumn brings, changes in the fall, brings changes in the hearts, of those who step into the beauty that is fall. I gaze up to the branches and stare at the falling leaves as they move like feathers as they fall to the ground. The falling leaves are autumns equivalent to the falling snow in winter. No two leaves are alike, and no two snowflakes are identical but they both move in symmetry as they fall. A gentle flutter to the ground. I reach out to catch one in my hand.
Like the seasons that change, so do our hearts. It marks the passage of time and youth. Spring gives way to the birth of life, summer tells us the stories of what we are, while autumn teaches us there must be an end, for as winter approaches so does our end. For now, I will play in the leaves, and dive into my mountain of gold, and cover myself. I will stand and look into the trees and watch for the coming end of autumn.
And when all the leaves have fallen, I will take one last look and pile them once more, but not to play in. Instead, I will take a look at the trees and the bare branches that once held those leaves and I will smile.
         Goodbye Autumn,                               Goodbye harvest moon,
         tree tops and bottom,                          I will see you again soon,
         Goodbye leaves on this fall day,        Goodbye  branches and my tire swing
         knowing that you cannot stay,           I wait for winter and what it will bring,
          Goodbye trees                                           Goodbye youth,
          and my pile of leaves,                                and that's the truth,
          Goodbye child who walks the mile,          Goodbye my autumn friend,
          all year round with a golden smile.          now I wait for old years end,
Autumn may be gone, and wait for something new, as I stand here in my leaves waiting for you.
To have a heart that still believes, come play in leaves.

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