Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

Time Mends:
After a tragic accident leaves her battered, heartbroken, and alone, Scout Donovan would rather hide in dreams than face reality. But things are changing quickly in Scout's life. Soon she's pulled back into the world of Shifters and Seers, with her best friend's fate depending on Scout's ability to protect her. Can Scout pull it together in time to save Talley, or is the past too much to overcome?

This was an incredible, action-packed and emotional sequel to the first in the Timber Wolves Trilogy: Destiny Binds. Tammy Blackwell introduced us to some interesting and well-developed characters, and in this book we learn more about the Shifter lore as Scout is pushed deeper into their world. Time Mends picks up directly where Destiny Binds left off, and there was a lot that happened at the end of that book! This book is filled with new intriguing problems for Scout and her friends; new relationships are formed and betrayal comes from an unlikely source. A lot of this book focuses on forgiveness, I felt it was handled wonderfully by the characters, and it was something each of them had to work for; Tammy did not make it easy for anyone. Scout has changed in more ways than are imaginable since the accident, and her whole world has been turned completely upside down. Pulse-racing danger surrounds Scout and her loved ones, twists and turns keep you constantly guessing and the ending...the ending will leave you howling for more! What a cliff-hanger!

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  1. Thanks for such a great review! I'm really glad you liked it. Now, I'll get back to that Fate Succumbs manuscript...


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