Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Post: Natasha of Wicked Little Pixie

Put down your bags, pull up a chair and tell me a story!

So I had this whole guest post written for Amy when I realized, it sucked. It was boring, there was no snark, and it wasn’t ME. Then I went to refill my cup of coffee and tried to think of what else I could possibly talk to you all about. I’m actually sick of hearing myself talk. I talk on my website, I talk on my work website and I talk ALL DAY on my works FB page. So what’s a little bite more about me?

I went to college to become a police officer. Surprised? Prior to that and for the next eight or so years, I worked in the court system. I held a variety of jobs in two different court houses, from preparing cases for court, to actually being the court clerk/monitor aka the speaker of the court. I took the later job because I had always had public speaking issues to the point of massive panic attacks. I no longer have panic attacks about public speaking. You’re too busy to panic in that position.

For two years I trained to become a cop, I studied theory of policing, forensics and every single horrible Monday morning at 8:00 am, I had police fitness class. Yes, 8:00am on a Monday after a weekend of partying in my first year. 8:00 am Monday’s my second year, after working Friday-Sunday, 9:00pm to 2:00am at night clubs as security. Did I mention I am 5’4?

After all that drama, I quit my jobs and decided police and law was not my bag. I ended up working for a huge entertainment company directly for the managers of the Food & Beverage department. I did all the celebrity tour riders (one wanted a $1500.00 bottle of alcohol that she didn’t drink but took with her anyway) I made the interview calls, scheduled the staff and prepped the green rooms. I loved my job and my bosses, this is also around the time I started reading again. Two years into that job, the economy crashed and I was let go.

That gave me time to start up my blog and you know how that turned out. In 2010, I received a weird email asking if I wanted to working remotely from home for a publishing company. Honestly, I thought it was a spam email but replied anyways. Turns out, the two bosses had found me via Twitter and offered me a job. Who knew? If you’ve seen me on Twitter, you should know I don’t hold back, so imagine my surprise that someone wanted me to work for them because of my Tweets and blog?!

You never know when an opportunity is going to come from something you love.

My love for books has made me some of my best friends, people I wouldn’t have met on my own. Some of them are just like family. It’s introduced me to amazing books that I probably wouldn’t have picked out and the ability to discuss it with people worldwide. But most of all, it has given me one of the best jobs I have ever held.

Now excuse me, I have a TBR pile that is screaming for attention.

Thank you for stopping by today, Nat!


  1. Much love for you, Nat. I still remember the day you practically had to hit me over the head with a 2x4 to tell me you were asking if I wanted to review for you. Thanks for being you :)

    And you would have made a scary cop.

  2. Well that explains why we get along. I love cops - no matter they're age or gender they're all grumpy old men on the inside and I love grumpy old men. Hey that's a compliment - a poorly worded one but a compliment all the same.

  3. Yea doing a guest blog is never easy, ecspeically when you have no idea of what your supposed to write. I find my best ideas come out at the most random times. Check out my blog below, you may find it interesting.

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