Monday, January 9, 2012

Cursed Blog Tour with S. A. Archer

A Seductive Curse

Imagine… Just an ordinary evening in a familiar night spot. Across the room you notice a stranger. Someone not just attractive, but downright gorgeous. A guy so model-perfect that he could never exist outside of the photoshopped cover of a fashion magazine; only there he is. And his eyes are fixed on you. Dark eyes that capture your gaze. Is it your imagination, or do you feel drawn in by the gravity of those eyes? Your heart beats against the inside of your chest with desire… or is it fear? Either way, it steals your breath.

And then he rises. Crosses the room. Heading directly toward you like he sees no one else. Only you. He draws closer and the air thickens with magic and expectation. Tall and confident, he strides nearer. However handsome he appeared from across the room, it is overshadowed by the pure stunning sexiness of him as he reaches you. He does not stop. He does not speak. Instead he cups your face in his hands. His mouth meets yours. Lips both soft and insistent. A flick of the tongue against your lips bids you to open and, before you even think about it, you do. The passion invades your mouth with a magic both sensual and thick. You taste the power. The lust. Your moan can’t escape the perfect blending of your lips with his.

His magic washes through you. Pouring into you. Saturating every fiber. Imprinting on every cell. Scarring your very soul. The magic carries desire. Passion. Lust. Instantly overwhelming and utterly shattering. It thunders through your body with the power of a hurricane, destroying everything you were and consuming you in this brilliant moment of pleasure with a magic that spares not a fragment of your sanity. Devastated and renewed in an instant. You are cursed.

He breaks the kiss and the magic ceases as quickly as it surged. The moment has past. Where the fire of passion once burned in those dark eyes of his, you see something else now. Something cold. He knows. He knows your body still buzzes with want. He knows that as the magic inside you fades that your desire will turn into obsession. That your need will twist into agony. He knows that the only thing that will ever satisfy, and spare you this torment, is another taste of his magic, of the Touch. You belong to him now. He is Sidhe, and none but his kind possesses the Touch. There is no cure. There is no substitute. With just one Touch the life you once knew has shattered.

What do you do now?

That is the question the faces London Eyer in her series, Touched. As a private investigator used to working with vampires and werewolves, she thought she could handle working with a Sidhe. In her first book, Cursed, London faces what you just experienced. Torn between the addiction to a magic she never wanted and her desire to regain control of her own life, London must plunge herself into the dangerous world of the fey before the curse destroys her.

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