Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sad Tooth

I'm sorry about my absence today but I had a root canal (yay-total sarcasm there) today and didn't much feel like doing much. So here's the whole story...

About this time last year I went to the dentist and discovered that I needed a root canal in my last molar on the left side. Unfortunately I had been out of work for over a year and money was tight so I kept putting it off until we were in better shape money-wise. So September first of this year, I finally got a job (YAY!-no sarcasm) and was hoping to get a few more pay checks under my belt and catchup on some waaaay overdue bills before returning to the dentist for the dreaded root canal. Plans changed. Friday night (the night before the HUGE Smart Chicks Kick It signing in Brampton--I am grateful to Tegan for putting up with all my whining and not dumping me on Saturday!) I went to work early so I could grab some dinner before I started, apparently that was a BAD IDEA! I BROKE the molar that needed a root canal! So I had to go through almost 4 days of pain with my stupid broken tooth, because I couldn't get to the dentist until today. I thought "Well, I guess I'll just have the tooth removed." But when I got there my dentist informed me that we could save the tooth with a root canal and a filling. So there it is folks. My tooth is very, very sad today.


  1. aww honey hope it feels betteer soon!

  2. aw :( I hope your mouth feels better soon <3

  3. Ick Amy, literally can feel your misery all the way here in Texas!

    My husband has had 2 root canals and according to him they are better than pulling the tooth alone.. I do not think so!

    Feel better and good luck with your new job, yay!

    jackie ^_^

  4. I've had a Root Canal before. My experience wasn't that bad. Just the needle hurt, the rest I wanted to fall asleep. My dentist put this rubber cover over my mouth and it made the whole process alot more claming.

    I was under 18 so it was free (:

  5. I could imagine how painful you felt with this experience. Good thing your dentist gave you some good news and your broken tooth was saved with just filing and root canal. That must have been quite a relief. I just hope this will never happen again.

    Candice @ AlpenglowDentist.com (Bountiful)


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