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Sundays with Sarah (44)

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How I spent my summer vacation

Well welcome everyone to another post for Sundays With yours truly, Sarah.

Well, now it’s time for the end of another summer for many, and for most with lots of memories of good times, making new friends or hanging with the old ones. Over the summer I spent time at Birch Bay Ranch near Edmonton, Alberta. It was such a great summer making all sorts of friends, hanging with horses, to even decorating for special themed meals for the kids.

I spent about 90% of my summer at Birch Bay Ranch, mainly taking photos and decorating but also helping to create awesome themed meals for our different weeks of kids’ camp. Birch Bay Ranch has many different activities from Horse Back Riding, dodge ball, field games and sports, archery, air soft targets, rock climbing, Burma bridge, the K3 and Super Zip lines, Crate climbs, and the big super swing. I spent some time swimming in our ice cold pool, and so much more.

I know I sound like I am promoting the ranch...ok in part I am, but also because it is such a great camp. Our furthest camper came all the way from Jamaica. He was also our chef's nephew. And speaking of chef...I'm fat now because of her, lol. The food was always so darn awesome and I even helped make a lot of the meals. Primarily I made soups and salads and unlike most kids camps, we make things from scratch.

So where is Birch Bay? Well, it sits near Cooking Lake, AB, near Sherwood Park. The camp was created in 1966 and has been operating as a camp for kids for nearly 50 years. That’s long for any camp. During the months of May-June, and Sept-Oct it operates as a rental camp for school groups, organizations and more who want to either stay the night and camp in cabins or use the many ropes facilities and buildings. They have many awesome horses and a trail system spanning almost 80 acres. During the summer it is a Christian camp and is loads of fun and more.

Now...that covers pretty much my summer with one exception...

I did get a chance to go back to Barrie, ON to see my awesome BFF Amy and to take one of my friends' grand-kid to see One Direction in concert in Toronto. That trip was awesome and this time the roads were beautiful. The only down side is when I got back I had to deal with so much bad news that I wished my trip lasted longer.

Anyways with the new school year starting and kids going back, I'm getting back to my normal everyday routine soon as well. Most of us will get the summer time blues and most will feel the depression of not having so much fun. You will all get through it.

So to wrap up this week's post, I will close with this...

1 month before leaves fall off trees
2 months before snow hits and Halloween
3 months before Remembrance Day
4 months before Christmas and the end of the year...

that is all.

See ya all next week!

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