Friday, May 23, 2014

Forgotten Fridays (91)

I invite and welcome anyone interested to post their own Forgotten Friday and join in the fun! I feature a book that I have read and have forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Some books might recent reads and some might be older reads, but I hope this helps these (sometimes forgotten) books earn a spot on your own TBR pile!

The Aristocrat by Catherine Coulter
First Published: August 1986

What would an American football star do if he suddenly found himself an English lord? It wasn't something pro quarterback Brant Asher had ever bothered to think about --until the day he learned of his inheritance. He was now Viscount Asherwood, heir to an English estate, and a whole lot of trouble.

Brant had inherited the obligation to marry Daphne, charitably described to him as an ugly duckling. This wasn't an attractive prospect for a man who enjoyed the pleasures of bachelor life--until he met the lady in question. Her reputation was obviously undeserved, because this was no ugly duckling; this was a beautiful swan.

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