Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nevermore by James Patterson {Mini Review}

Maximum Ride and her faithful friends stand ready to face the two greatest threats that humankind has ever known--now combining forces in an unbeatable plot to destroy life as we know it once and for all. And this time, the enemy truly can't be stopped. The danger mounts just as the boy genetically engineered to be her "perfect match", Dylan, has finally worked his way into Max's heart--and just as her beloved Fang unexpectedly returns to the flock. An explosive confrontation between the two boys with a claim to Max's heart ensues, and the entire world hangs in the balance.

In this powerful and moving finale to James Patterson's epic fantasy series, fans will finally get the answers they've been waiting for--and an ending full of shock, surprises, and the greatest conclusion you never saw coming.

I’m going to keep this short, because most everything has already been said about Nevermore and the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. I loved this series, from start to finish; it was thrilling and filled with action and danger, and there was truly never a dull moment. Max and Fang are finally reunited and their bond is stronger than ever.  The characters of these books were strong and powerful, my emotions were on a constant rollercoaster and I was practically glued to every page.  In the end, there were still some unanswered questions, and a few too many “easy outs” for the gang, but all-in-all Nevermore was a great ending to an amazing and intense series. Max and her flock were created to save the world, only someone has another idea in mind. Kill all the humans, leaving only the enhanced kids behind. Max has that innate, internal compass that always points to doing what it right and she couldn’t live with herself if she were to stand back and let the world and humanity die. So she will make one final stand to save the world.

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