Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sundays with Sarah (11)

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Hi Everyone well I’m back for another interesting Sunday here. I hope everyone has been having an incredible summer. Like most I’ve had my ups and downs and interesting highlights to my summer and it has given me a lot more time to write more poems and stories. And with the summer ending soon and kids going back to school, we know that when summer is done, we will welcome Autumn once again. But sometimes we lose the friendships we make over summer and sometimes we make incredible memories.

Photo taken by Amy Stewart

“Saying Goodbye”

I am all alone in my little world, where everyone has gone and left me behind. I hold onto my past as if I am still there but everyone else's is gone. My heart hurts from the emptiness I now feel, from those who went away without saying goodbye. Now I am all alone. A tear falls down along my cheek as I remember all those I can no longer see, and hold my teddy bear close to me. I stare out into the world where I once played knowing I can never go back. I wait for that a sign of hope from my world of despair as I sit here in my chair. Life just isn't fair.

So in secret I muse, holding back the pain I feel and the loneliness I live in. Where has everyone gone?

My only comfort comes from my teddy bear, the only friend I have left. So I hold it close, fearing one day I might have to say goodbye. Even I don't want to leave, I'm too scared. Why does life have to be so mean. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. In my life, I met people. Some I will never think about again. Some, I wonder what happened to them. There are some that I wonder if they ever think about me, and then there are some I wish I never had to think about again. But I do. Sometimes I think I have to let go of the one I love, and say goodbye to find out if there is really something there.

But I never did say goodbye, and I will never know if something would have been there. Until this moment, I never understood how hard it was to lose something I guess I never had. But yet part of them exists in me and every time I think of it, I still cannot say goodbye. It has always been there in my heart, even though I have never been here. Time kept us apart.

Time kept me in silence, in the shadows of my world. I only wish I could have said goodbye, and that I was sorry. I don’t want to wake up and realize what I was dreaming was right in front of my shut eyes. I don’t want to stop saying hello for fear of saying goodbye. I wanted a perfect ending. Where there are no more goodbyes. Just hugs and hello. Now I've learned the hard way that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, or end. Life is about not knowing, but having to change, taking the precious last moments and making the best of it, without knowing what's to happen next. And I have learned that saying goodbye is the hardest part of love there is, and the hardest part of growing up. The only way I can say goodbye to the world in which live alone in, is saying hello to a world where we are together, and stop saying goodbye.

{ “Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need to know of hell.” ~ Emily Dickinson }

“Swinging Into Autumn”

A playground in the autumn sun,

swinging all day and having fun,

curls of gold flow through the air,

happy now without a care,


Photo taken by Amy Stewart
A sky so blue with white clouds of fluff,

dance with the wind to shape their stuff,

while golden leaves we pile and crush,

surrounds the trees and all the brush,

I curl my toes in the playground sand,

and shape my future with my hand,

like beads of time that ever flow,

gives me life and room to grow,


I sing my happy autumn song,

knowing I'm right where I belong,

on my swing moving to and fro,

worrying not for a place to go,


I soar up high with angels wings,

awaiting a world and what it brings,

my open heart that's filled with love,

with all the graces from god above,


This little princess in a blue dress,

is content to be nevertheless,

swinging in the autumn sun,

a simple child just having fun.

“The Reading Tree”

Sitting below my reading tree,

adventures and hope for me to see,

relaxing in summer under the sun,

reading my books were always fun,


Photo taken by Amy Stewart
Ponytails and bows, and all in pink,

a book in my hands to make me think,

stories and poems written about me,

about a little girl and all she can be,


Girls grow up into the women we are,

showing our strength and going far,

love gives us life that's full of hope,

parents who teach so we can cope,

We create our stories from the start,

and mold our future in our heart,

friends we make as we grow,

and the seeds we plant as we sow,

A princess is daddy's little girl,

forever beautiful like a pearl,

a mother one day I hope to be,

a past so dark I hope to be free,

My dark past where I did drown,

will never hold me or keep me down,

a future written in the book I read,

a love for me I strongly need,

Knowing that there is more than one door,

allows me to dream and hope for more,

love is sought but who wants me,

a bride in white, I dream be,

A child I wish to one day adopt,

knowing that it will never be topped,

But for now I sit, below my tree,

reading stories all about me.

“Goodnight Bunny”

A little white bunny rests on the moon,

she hopped around all afternoon,

from enjoying spring that has sprung,

to the long night ahead which just begun,

Photo taken by Amy Stewart
The stars in the sky that shine so bright,

the glow of the moon in hidden twilight,

the little white bunny was ready for bed,

getting ready for her work ahead,

The melting snow will make the tress grow,

from water that trickles from the creek below,

seeds will sprout into a garden of flowers,

after the fall of April's showers,

But for now the little bunny she softly rests,

so she can place eggs in soft grassy nests,

made with love from colors of the rainbow,

to flower petals from her lovely meadow,

The moon and the bunny together as one,

sleeping so gently and snug as a bun,

the little bunny's fur so soft and white,

made from the glow of the crescent moonlight,

And in the starry night sky above,

filled with hope and eternal love

shining the sky with glowing moonbeams,

the little bunny will have many happy dreams,

So goodnight moon and goodnight bunny,

come in the morning when it is more sunny,

as the rooster crows and the birds will wing,

celebrating the birth of the coming spring.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and please feel free to leave a comment or two.

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