Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anastasia Forever by Joy Preble

Anastasia Forever:
Is it possible to change the past?


No one ever knew what happened to her except her half-brother, Viktor--and he'll do anything to keep it that way.


She just wants a normal boyfriend, a normal family-no visions of the past, no evil mermaids, no Brotherhood trying to kill her. But Anne is not normal...and she's capable of a lot more than she thinks.


He's been eighteen for nearly a century, and finding Anne is the best thing that's ever happened to him. But the magic in his blood is turning darker, forcing him to wonder whether he's the most dangerous threat of all...

What was so unique about the Dreaming Anastasia trilogy was that Joy Preble used rich Russian folklore to create an incredible tale about the missing princess, Anastasia Romanov. Romance, tension and secrets fill every page, and I was left with goose bumps by the final page. In Anastasia Forever we are taken into the past which is intricately woven through the present to develop a vivid and consuming story. Although told through three different points of views, the book is fast paced and wraps up Ethan and Anne’s story superbly. This was a trilogy where I was willingly pulled deeper and deeper into this dark and magical world, where mystery and danger thrive. Joy gave Baba Yaga the “bad guy” vibe, but made it really hard for you to dislike her; we are shown the origins of the witch’s magic and going along with the recurring theme, this created a story-within-a-story. And in order to save the future, Anne must use the stories and lessons from the past.

Anne made a promise to the powerful witch Baba Yaga in order to save Ethan, and payment is due. Anne’s magic is getting stronger, and she has discovered that she can travel through time. She learns through trial and error that she must use what she is shown in order to defeat Viktor and fulfill her agreement with Baba Yaga. But she also has the dangerous rusalka (a Russian mermaid), Lily to contend with. Lily can only be freed from her curse if Viktor dies, and she will use any means necessary to put extra pressure on Anne, even if that means threatening her family. Anne finds the courage to finally use the magic she has been given and in doing so discovers how Viktor has become immortal, with the help of her loyal and bold friend, Tess she travels back in time to obtain the object that will make Viktor vulnerable. Danger and surprising allies surround Anne and Ethan, and when the final battle comes Anne must decide exactly what she is willing to give up and still be able to satisfy her deal with Baba Yaga.

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