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Interview & Giveaway with Jordana Lizama

1. When did you first start writing, and was there something in particular that inspired you?

I had this recurrent vision in my head, I used to day dream about it. So when I realized I couldn´t put it off any longer, I finally wrote it down.

2. What first attracted you to your genre when it comes to writing?

The idea of having an adventure without having to leave your page. I was living Sophia and Alec´s life as I wrote it.

3. In regards to your own characters, who is your favorite and why?
Dennis, without a doubt, he is inspired by all of my brothers, and since I love them all so much, I just ended up loving Dennis.

4. What other genres (besides your own) do you enjoy reading?

I read mostly fiction. Be it Sci-Fi, or Fantasy, or maybe something more Classical. I don´t have a specific genre I like, I just want the story to be filled with believable, sensible characters.

5. If you could not be a writer, what would you be?

If I didn't have this awful stage fright, I guess I could be a singer. Or if I had the thrive I would have loved to be a chef.

6. As a reader I know how difficult it can be to name a ‘favorite’ book, would you mind listing your top three?

Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
Wow, this is hard.
Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

7. What are some must haves when you sit down to write?

Water and music.

8. If you became trapped as a character in a book or series, which would you choose and why? (Any book, any series, new or old)

Mmm, I mean I love Lord of the Rings, but there is no way I could survive there. So I guess I would love to be Meg from a Wrinkle in Time.

Sophia: Within
Only time will tell if Sophia, Alec and the world are ready to accept the mission that has been passed down for many generations. This is more than a story of reincarnation. This is a story that never ended following the reign of the Greek gods.

What has been hidden for thousands of years is about to surface in a small New England town. The impact on this rural village is ageless, but only the chosen time travelers know what is happening, the reason it is happening and how to control the outcome.

The Men of Ages have walked the Earth unnoticed since the time of Greek mythology and have kept their ancient war alive by transporting the lead warrior in a most unusual time machine. There is only one way to stop the cataclysmic demise of the human race and Sophia is the answer. But, Sophia is a teenage girl faced with many human and nonhuman desires that create a tortuous path from antiquity to the present day. Love conquers all; or, so it seems.

About the Author:
Jordana Lizama is a new and exciting author who has just released a fantasy love story based on Greek mythology.

She was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She is 24 years old and still resides in the Mexican capital with her husband, Charlie, and daughter, Sophia. Her second child is due to arrive this August, 2013.

Jordy’s love for reading came from her father who made her and her brothers read an hour a day. She opened her eyes and her heart to literature from the very first time she read Little Women, which was the first book her father bought her. Like Sophia, Jordy had an insatiable appetite for both fiction and nonfiction throughout her school years. Her voracious reading was her foundation for experimental writing. After many failed attempts, Sophia – Within finally came to life.

Sophia – Within has been in the making for the last ten years. Jordy’s writing began as a process of trial and error. She was not formally trained as an author, but has sharpened her skill as a self taught writer since her early teen years.

Find Jordana:
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