Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Edge of Oblivion by J.T. Geissinger

Edge of Oblivion:
There exists a world beyond our own. It is a world of ancient magic and well-guarded secrets, a world of strict laws and harsh punishments for those who betray them, a world inhabited by the Ikati, a race of gifted people who are so much more than they first appear. Brought together by fate in this world of danger and beauty, two people with dark pasts will meet.

Morgan is beautiful, smart, sexy…and about to die. Convicted of treason against her shape-shifting kin, she is given one last chance at redemption; discover the hidden lair of the enemy intent on destroying every one of her kind, or forfeit her life.

Xander is ruthless, heartless, cold-blooded…and assigned to kill her if she fails in her task. Expecting to feel nothing but contempt for the traitor under his watch, the assassin accompanies Morgan on her search, but as the two race through the heart of Italy while the clock winds down to zero hour, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous web of desire as powerful as it is forbidden. Their passion will test everything they believe in, and endanger the future of the tribe itself.

In this second book of the Night Prowler series, J.T. Geissinger delved even deeper into the world of the Ikati: supernatural beings who can shape shift into panthers. It really grabbed my attention and pulled me right into the story. It was fast paced with vivid imagery that practically popped off the page for me. The tension between the two main characters held me captive from their very first meeting, and the secondary characters were interesting enough that I'm hoping there might be more stories to come featuring them. This is quickly turning into a wonderful paranormal series with a strong and unique story line.

Morgan is considered a traitor to her people, and she is given one last chance to redeem herself in order to save herself from a death sentence. Xander is a cold and ruthless assassin assigned to kill Morgan if she fails in her task. Only fate has another plan in store for these two. They find themselves irrecoverably drawn to one another, despite the many reasons they should in fact despise each other. Traveling around Italy in hopes of discovering the identity of the Expurgari (a cult of zealots hoping to destroy the Ikati world), they uncover secrets neither Morgan nor Xander could have ever imagined. A tribe of feral Ikati rule under the streets of Rome and their leader quickly sets his sights on Morgan. Wounded while protecting Morgan, Xander calls for the assistance of hiss fellow assassins, and it will take all of them to Rescue Morgan, thwart the feral leader's plans and save all of the Ikati colonies.

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