Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crimson Sunrise by J.A. Saare

Crimson Sunrise:
Beware the calm before the storm…

After eradicating the obstacles between them, Emma Johnson and Caleb Blackney are ready to embrace their future together. They have a lot of decisions to make. There is the issue of Emma's fae heritage, her choice to become a werewolf or remain human, and Caleb's refusal to partake in anything that could cause harm to his mate.

When Caleb's sister goes missing, personal issues are forced aside, and he and Emma are faced with a past threat that has come knocking at their door. As the search for Sammie reveals plans far more sinister than they ever could have imagined, Emma and Caleb will face their fears, confront their enemies, and unite their families to stand against an evil that won't stop until vengeance is served.

I simply fell in love with these characters in the first book of the Crimson trilogy by J.A. Saare, but in this book, despite Jaime expanding on her strong beginning, I found myself a little annoyed with the main character, Emma. She constantly allowed others to dictate her movements and she seemed a little weak to me; when in the first book, she was more able to hold her own. As I continued reading this book, I discovered that I enjoyed the first book a little more, because I found the story to be more unique. In Crimson Sunrise I found myself constantly comparing events to another vampire/werewolf series. But on the brighter side, the book was emotionally engaging and packed full of action.

Emma and Caleb have returned to the States, and they believe that their only problem is Emma's impending change into a werewolf. But that all changes when Sammie, Caleb's younger sister goes missing, and the true kidnapper is revealed. The prince of the vampires was humiliated when Caleb challenged him and set Emma free, now he wants revenge at any cost. Emma and Caleb have no idea what the future might bring, but all they do know is: war is coming and no one will be safe. A twist of fate saves Emma's life when she is brutally attacked by someone she trusts while their actions are controlled by the prince. The prince will not be easily stopped, and it's up to Emma and her new pack to seek out justice and put an end to his power-hungry role as leader of the vampires.

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