Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sundays with Sarah (26)

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Welcome back everyone to another Sundays with Sarah.

This week, I've been asked to talk about "ME" and my creative abilities, designs I do as well as my new production company TACHYON PRODUCTIONS LLC.

So let us start with "me". I first studied Theater and Film production at MacEwan University back in 1995 and later on received a diploma from MacEwan University in Design for Digital Media Arts and then worked towards a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta. She continued her education further by taking an animation course through the State of Florida University (College of Motion Picture) and later studied animation and literary arts with the Walt Disney Company, where she worked as a media and design consultant for various projects from 2007 till 2009 and later became an associate producer of story and script development for film and television from 2009 till present. Now I run my own multimedia, film/video and creative arts Production Company.

In my spare time I am a credited writer having published over 15 books ranging from Sociology, Parenting, Children's Books and more. My favorite genre for writing is fantasy and parenting. I also enjoy cooking, painting, photography and more. I have always been a creative individual. So now I've taken my creative talents and have turned them into the creative services of my business, TACHYON PRODUCTIONS.

Tachyon Productions in partnership with GraphixGirl Studios LLC (Now TACHYON PRODUCTIONS LLC) is full service creative arts agency, located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada that specializes in graphic design, animation, photography/photo-manipulation, audio/video production, web design, web content management development and more. Created and operated by the talented Sarah Mallory King (aka "GraphixGirl", aka "ME"), I provide unique twists on everything from graphic design, visual communications, web development and more which allows me to provide my clients with imaginable, creative visuals and stunning imagery for all your creative and logistical needs. Tachyon Productions is available to all types of clients who need to market their idea's, services and or products through various forms of visual communication. In addition to the services we provide for our clients, Tachyon Productions has also recently started creating our own short films, feature length productions, commercials and corporate promotional videos.

 So, Why am I so creative? Why do I love the graphic and motion arts?

Well part of it is because I am also autistic. I have an exceptional amount of creative talents and have turned this "disadvantage" I have and turned it into an advantage to help others. I enjoy being creative not just as a means of therapy or, fun but as a way to communicate into words and images what I can't say in the other latter.

So, now I share my talents and skills with everyone, from schools, to individuals, large corporations to well other authors in doing their design work for their covers. Even my own Facebook profile covers.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy some of my artwork and if anyone out there needs graphic design work done feel free to give me a shout or ask Amy for my contact.

Have wonderful week.

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