Friday, March 2, 2012

Second Skin by Judith Graves

Second Skin:
Monsters. Bloodsuckers. The evil. The damned. Eryn McCain knows they exist— she’s been hunting them since she was a child. At sixteen, she’s ready to take on all comers. Being a shapeshifter gives her an advantage when it comes to her unusual part-time job. The hours suck and the pay is, well, non-existent, but bonuses like inhuman strength and night vision make tracking scary beasties a dream come true. Especially in a town like Redgrave.

When an ancient demon targets Redgrave High, Eryn and her crew of hunters must face their innermost fears to prevent the Harvest Moon Dance from becoming one serious Monster Mash. Loyalties are tested and temptations abound. With questions ever brewing, can Eryn share a future with the brooding, noble, human Alec—the hunter after her heart? Or will she succumb to her enemy’s son, Wade, a seductive predator as bloodthirsty as she is?

Judith Graves created an incredible cast of characters with her first of this series: Under My Skin, and I enjoyed them even more in Second Skin. Judith's writing felt more mature in this second novel, and I really liked that there weren't any distracting pictures as well. While they were unique in the first book, I found they took away from the story, rather than adding to it. But Second Skin, WOW...I simply love the progression of Eryn's story. There is a love triangle, danger and mystery throughout this book making it a definite page-turner. There are a lot of secrets surrounding Eryn and what she believed she knew of her parents, but she is forced to question what is the truth and what may be lies about her missing parents. There are still so many questions to be answered and I can't wait for the next book in this series: Skin of My Teeth.

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  1. I'm so excited to read this one! I've been looking forward to it since I finished the first novel.


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