Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Series

I know I have mentioned her before, but I can't help bringing up Sherrilyn Kenyon once more! Sometimes when I need a break from reading I will re-read some of my books on my shelves. And lately I have been reading Sherrilyn's books again. You see, I never really "stop" reading, I consider re-reading a book a break because I already know the general outcome of the book. But at the same time sometimes I pick up new tid-bits of information going through the story again. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, that is not to say that I don't enjoy everything else she has written, whether it be as Sherrilyn Kenyon , Kinley MacGregor or when she teams up with the talented Dianna Love. But the Dark-Hunters...? This is the short and easy description: the books are full of adventure with the right amount of sensual tension to have you craving more with each book that you read!

"In the world of the Dark-Hunters nothing is ever as it seems. Life and death both take on a whole new meaning as this immortal cadre of warriors fight to protect mankind from those creatures and demons who would prey on us."

I love the way Sherrilyn has changed the age old story of vampire and vampire hunter and manipulated it in such a delightfully intriguing and original manor with her vivid imagination. Instead there are the Dark-Hunters and the Daimons.

Dark-Hunter: An ancient warrior who sold his/her soul to the Greek goddess Artemis for a single act of vengeance. Now they protect mankind from the Daimons who want to claim our souls.

Daimon: Once known as an Apollite, a race cursed by the god Apollo, they cannot be out in daylight and they must live on the blood of each other. At age 27, they die a slow and painful death unless they decide to turn Daimon and prey on human souls.

The Dark-Hunters series is about more than just the good guys and the bad guys it's about love, understanding and forgiveness, the search for a soul mate and a place of belonging. There is just so much you take away from each book as you rejoice and suffer along with each character, Sherrilyn pulls you into her story telling so deeply, immersing you in her world so that each character becomes a part of you and is unforgettable after the book is finished. You will laugh, you will cry and you will enjoy every second of it!!!

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